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Friend of the Froth Blowers meeting in Peterborough 5th May

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The Ancient Order of Froth Blowers.


So what’s it all about then?



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During the 1920’s an organisation was set up to raise money for various charities. People formed local branches to generate sums of money for good causes (and it would seem have a good time!). This was to be the Ancient Order of Froth Blowers.


Unfortunately, the whole organisation disappeared in the early 1930’s and virtually no trace could be found anywhere. Although there does appear to be a small number of us who have found articles in occasional magazines. Sometimes membership booklets, cuff links and mascots surface.


Over the last couple of years we have had a dozen or so enquiries about the AOFB and so we thought that a special webpage should be devoted to the organisation. We invite anyone with knowledge of the Order to leave comments in our guestbook.


This website has been set up as part of the Pub History Society website to hopefully encourage input from interested visitors to the site.




The Membership Booklet describes the AOFB as:-

`A sociable and law abiding fraternity of absorbitive Britons who sedately consume and quietly enjoy with commendable regularity and frequention the truly British malted beverage as did their forbears and as Brittons ever will, and be damned to all pussyfoot hornswogglers from overseas and including low brows, teetotalers and MP`s and not excluding nosey parkers, mock religious busy bodies and suburban fool hens all of which are structurally solid bone from the chin up`

Who can argue with that!



The Friends of the Frothblowers (F.O.F.B) has now been set up and Ian Brown of the Holly Lane Vat has set up his own site. Why not visit.


Why not listen to the Friends of the Frothblowers having a go at singing the anthem. This was recorded at the Lamb Inn, Lambs Conduit St, London on Saturday 11th February 2006 at a combined meeting of the Pub History Society and the F.O.F.B. Chairman: Dave Woodhead with unnecessary interruptions by Chris Murray, Steve Williams and associated frothblowing enthusiasts including the Holly Lane Vat. A truly inspirational rendition that could only be performed with numerous pints of Young’s Bitter……..


Listen here – an MP3 player will be required


Read the lyrics of the anthem here



Have a look at our Gallery:-


Photos of some of the people we have found that had connections to the AOFB


Photos of some AOFB Memorabilia


Articles found in the Henley-on-Thames Standard by kind permission of David Dawson, News Editor of the Henley Standard.


Short article by Steve Williams about the AOFB


Sir Alfred Fripp was the founder of the Froth Blowers along with his good friend, Bert Temple. There is a dedicated page to the Fripp family here that shows photos of the man who started it all.


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If you have information about any aspect of the Froth Blowers please leave a message on our Guestbook.





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